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Dark Blue Haga Kopu at the Canton Fair in Guangzhou, China

” – Who runs the world? – Girls”, sings firmly Beyonc√©. The same way Terra Nation modern, innovative, beach backpack “Haga Kopu” will run the city life every day until the Summer holidays.

Brown Haga Kopu hits the Big Apple, NYC
Terra Nation Haga Kopu at Art Street Project, Kifissia
Black Haga Kopu blends in the Art Street Project, Kifissia

The ultimate carrying experience for genuine beach (and city) lovers! Practical, unique and stylish beach bag with features that offer the users efficient solutions when discovering the beach or the city. It comes in 9 stylish color combinations (Hint: 2 more colors will hit the market during the summer season).

Terra Nation Haga Kopu Athens city downtown
Black Haga Kopu in an urban shopping spree at downtown Athens
Terra Nation Haga Kopu Syntagma square Athens
Olive Haga Kopu, Syntagma Square, Athens
Terra Nation Haga Kopu Monastiraki Athens
Rumors say that a blue Haga Kopu can make you feel like flying in the middle of the street
Olive and Dark Blue Haga Kopu at Lycabettus Hill, Athens

Some of the features which make Haga Kopu special:

  • Its name means “Desire” in Rapanui, the language spoken in Easter Island, and adopted by Terra Nation to name all design objects
  • Moisture resistant compartment for carrying wet objects, like your swimsuit
  • Organizing pockets with key chain, all-purpose cleaning cloth and the innovative Ahu page book holder against any sea breeze
  • Insulated cooling compartment for keeping your snacks and beverages cold. You can also use it for sunscreen and cosmetics
  • Adjustable beach mat straps for your beach mat or beach towel or even jacket
  • Internal padded pocket for protecting fragile items, you may also use it for carrying your laptop
  • Adjustable padded shoulder-friendly straps

In Terra Nation we believe in happy people. Our products are designed keeping in mind practical and stylish use when at the beach. But some of the products, which are designed for “beach, sand, sun” can be used and be really useful when walking downtown, traveling, exploring.

Terra Nation Haga Kopu Piraeus port
Where to?
Turquoise Haga Kopu & Dusty Pink Haga Kopu (coming soon) at Piraeus port
As snow friendly as a waterproof bag, Haga Kopu arrives at Guggenheim Museum, NY

Now here’s a little something for you: We’re giving an extension to our Easter Haga promo until May 13, so you can buy your Haga Kopu with a -30% discount! Code: EASTERGIFT on web

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