Secrets from a local to enjoy a one-day cruise to Aegina island

Join us -and our partner in crime- for a one-day cruise to the Saronic island Aegina, the closest island to Greece’s capital city. Although tiny, it’s packed with ancient sites, gorgeous beaches, delicious local delicacies and an authentic vibe! Which is why we have gathered valuable local tips and info so you can make the best of your trip.

Aegina owes its name to Greek mythology’s daughter of ancient Greek god Asopus, named Aegina. According to the legend, Zeus fell in love with the girl and took her to the island.

Want a quick and breezing tour around the Queen of Saronic Gulf? Here we go!

Gate E8, Piraeus Port
Waiting to catch the boat with our favourite Haga Kopu

Chapter One: the trip

Our cruise starts from Piraeus port, where the boat to Aegina departs from. Seems like it’s gonna be fun!

Enjoying the sun
Crystal blue waters of the Saronic Gulf and breezing air
Try feeding the seagulls, and the journey will pass in a second

Chapter Two: the arrival

Purchasing fresh fruits…

…and famous Aegina Pistachio

Extra hint: Pistachio trees have been cultivated in Aegina since 1860, later spreading to other parts of Attica and Greece. Throughout Aegina, the dominant variety is known by the name “Aeginis”, or “koilarati” meaning “round”, a variety considered high-yielding and of a quality lacking in foreign varieties.

The ideal climate of the island and the unique soil composition lend exceptional flavour and aroma to the Aegina pistachio. 

Pistachios are a great nutritional value, rich in biotin, proteins, niacin, and inorganic salts, extremely beneficial for our health. Pistachios are also considered superfoods.

Chapter Three: exploring

After visiting Saint Nektarios’ church and Palaia Hora hill with dozens of medieval chapels, it’s great to finally relax in the countryside having Haga Kopu by your side!

local tip: pick wild flowers and make a colorful bouquet, it will fill the room with smells and colours for a week

Palaia Hora is located on the hill behind the Monastery of Saint Nektarios. It’s an old town that resembles Mistra with many churches and ruins from houses. The town was built by the inhabitants of Aegina in order to protect themselves from the marine raids by the pirates of Sarakinon.

After our visit at the temple of Athena Aphaia which is built in the northern part of the island in a place covered with pine trees and with a view of the beautiful blue sea, a long bicycle tour around the port is a must-do relaxing activity.

Goodbye kiss to seal a great day at the island!
Walking down Aegina’s port and Saint Nikolas

Extra tips for your trip to Aegina:

🌞 Don’t miss the chance to buy Aegina’s famous pistachio and definitely taste the pistachio flavor ice cream!

🌞 You should definitely visit the hill behind Agios Nektarios, Palaia Hora, for an easy hike and visit the dozens of beautiful small medieval churches.

🌞 A lovely way to spend a morning in Aegina by diving from the rocks of Bouza’s lighthouse for your last day’s swim and enjoy the most romantic sunset.

🌞 Wander in the alleys of the town and discover all kinds of shops and the pink tower of Markellos

🌞 Take some time to relax and walk at the hill of fortresses at Perdika village and discover the smallest church in the world!

Smell the wild flowers, gaze at the monasteries spread in the island
and hold the thought of your dives from the lighthouse till the next time you visit
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